Grand Ideas for Your Events

Customer Appreciation and Grand Opening Events

Opening a new location or celebrating the anniversary of one is a time for celebration. The big crowds, inflatables, outdoor advertising and the great deals send excitement throughout the community. It marks the beginning of a new business’ long journey, or the success of one down the road. Business owners want to do everything in their power to ensure their event is successful.   

Event Musts:

  • Incorporate a “register to win” event giveaway
  • Food! Simple as donuts and coffee to a cook out, food is a huge draw especial at lunchtime.
  • Music!  Local musician, iTunes in the parking lot or even a live radio station remote, music says party.
  • Include a charity special to your heart and raise dollars and awareness for them.

Budget: Your budget plays a very large role in planning your event. Whether a one day, or week-long event, it can get costly, so you need to keep everything in perspective. You need to determine how much money you will allocate for advertising, giveaways, entertainment, catering, and anything else you might decide to include in your grand opening. It does not have to be costly, but it does require smart financial planning.

Advertising – Without proper advertising, no one will be aware of your business, and as a result, no one will come to your grand opening. Depending upon your budget, you will also want to consider advertising in local newspapers, radio stations, television networks, and online.

Advertising Suggestions

  • Splash it on your website, GMB and social media channels
  • A radio schedule and/ or live Remote the day of the event
  • Make posters/flyers to share with neighboring business & neighborhoods
  • Post a sign or put on your storemarquee 5 days in advance
  • Newspaper ad (if it’s a smaller community)

Involve the Community – In order to have a successful event and a sustainable business, you need to get the support of the community.

  • Send invitations to neighboring businesses and important pillars of the community and include special coupons and incentives to attend your event and become regular customers of your business.
  • Meet with your surrounding business owners and ask for items to promote their business for you to giveaway at your event – cross –promotion is a great way to mutually benefit.
  • Make sure the mayor’s office and chamber of commerce know about your upcoming event so they can include it on their social media and e-blasts.
  • Invite the fire department to bring a fire engine for the kids.
  • Ask the Humane Society to bring adoptable pets and information.
  • Area dance schools maybe happy to come perform, AND their parents and families will show too.  

Reward Attendees – Exclusive sales and perks are the most important. Not to mention, people love freebies!  Most events reward attendees with gifts for coming and give them the chance to sign up to win other prizes, such as a set of tires, grocery or gas cards, and service gift certificates.  (You’ll have a list of possible customers for the entries to follow up with later by email so be sure to ask if they want to receive your exclusive VIP deals by email).  In short, you need to give people as many incentives as possible for attending your event and giveaways are a great way to accomplish this.

Plan Beyond the Big Day: One of the most important things to consider when planning an event is not the day of the opening but the days after it has passed. It’s one thing to get people to drop by your party, but you need to have a plan for enticing them to come back. In the grand scheme of things, an event is only a slight blip on the radar of your overall business plan. Hand out a flyer at your event with additional savings.  Make everyday “Senior Citizens Day” and offer a percentage discount on everything. You need to reward your customers every single time they come with superior products and services that can sustain your business for many more years.

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